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Avatar: The Last Trackers
Avatar the last trackers
Avatar: The Last Trackers



Run Dates

10/17/2011 - ?



Plot Edit

The four Trackers are waiting to hear from Shantorian, and they get horrible news: The Avatar (the only person that can save the world) has been kidnapped by the Fire Lord (the person who wants to destroy the world)! Based on the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender and the book series Trackers, this series has the Trackers trying to save the Avatar while he is trying to escape.

Characters Edit

Trackers Edit

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Edit

  • Aang (The Avatar)
    • A fun-loving Airbender (can bend air)
  • Katara
    • A close friend of Aang, waterbender (can bend water)
  • Sokka
    • Katara's sister, uses a boomerang
  • Toph
    • Earthbender, blind, loves to fight
  • Zuko
    • Fire Lord's son, joins "Team Avatar" to teach the Avatar Firebending

Chapters Edit

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