Nomination Edit

Part 1 Edit

Bronze - 2 Points Silver - 4 Points Gold - 6 Points Platinum - 8 Points
Top 25% Top 10% Top 5% Top 1%

Based on 734 current pages.

  • Subscribed New Fan Fiction
  • Subscribed Fan Fiction
  • Edited Article
  • Edited New Article
  • User by Edits
  • New User by Edits

Note:Based on week only. The results will be placed in The Weekly Tracker.

"New" articles/users must have 5 weeks, then they go on ballot for that month.

Part 2 Edit

Wiki-wordmark Wait...

Please only nominate articles that have been given a Bronze medal or higher. Also, please nominate only articles this month.

You can nominate an article by adding [[Category Name:Article Name/Nominate]] for articles, [[Category:Template:Template Name/Nominate]] for templates, or [[Category:User:Username/Nominate]] for users, or [[Category:FF:Fan Fiction Name/Nominate]] for Fan Fiction to your user page. You can nominate up to 10 articles per month. Each nomination is worth 1 point. 25 points are required to be put on the ballot. (If less than 5 articles have 25 points, the top 5 articles are taken. If there is a tie, all tied articles will go onto ballot.) The results will be placed in The Weekly Tracker.

Voting Edit

Be notified of voting by posting {{Vote}} on your talk page. Voting will be done anonymously. Voting is done monthly. The results will be placed in The Weekly Tracker. The winners will not be eligible for any other months that year. They will be nominated for the Awards Ceremony at the end of the year.

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