This game has been assigned the working title A Moment's Push. I realize it's terrible, but it will most likely change. I thought of a new game that requires risk and timing. It is a multiplayer game that I have an idea of how to make. Basically, a bunch of players join the game that starts at a certain time. They are given a page in the "edit mode" that has a bunch of code in it (so the game knows what time you hit Publish). Then, you have to press Publish when you feel it's time. The first person to press gets 1 point, the second person gets 2 points, and so on. However, the game can only process one every 15 seconds (this can be changed to a different amount). This way, you can't just press Publish at the last second; if yours can't get processed, you get 0 points. For this reason, you have to balance the risk of not getting yours processed with the reward of more points. An example is below:

This is a 4-player game, involving Adam, Finn, Emily, and Lewis. Standard rules, game lasts 1 minute.

Time Event Queue
0:00 Game Begins Empty
0:01 Lewis Clocks In Lewis (0:15 left)
0:16 Lewis Finishes, Lewis gets 1 point for clocking in 1st. Empty
0:26 Emily Clocks In Emily (0:15 left)
0:27 Adam Clocks In Emily (0:14 left), Adam (on hold)
0:28 Finn Clocks In Emily (0:13 left), Adam (on hold), Finn (on hold)
0:41 Emily Finishes, Emily gets 2 points for clocking in 2nd. Adam (0:15 left), Finn (on hold)
0:56 Adam Finishes, Adam gets 3 points for clocking in 3rd. Finn (0:15 left)
1:00 GAME ENDS, no more requests processed Finn (ran out of time)

FINAL RESULTS: Adam (3), Emily (2), Lewis (1), Finn (0)
This can also be done with multiple games, or a tournament format. However, with too many or too few people (between 3-6 people) or too long or short a game (the game should be between 1 and 2 times the processing time times the number of players), the game can get too long, or even just a race to hit the Publish button because the players cannot wait at all. This turns into who has the fastest computer, which is less of a game, more of a system test. If you need some more explaining, I could try to make another blog post. I have no idea for what is in case of a tie, maybe the order in which they joined the game? I don't think we'll get the 1400 people who passed Mission 4 to play this game, but I'm hoping this generates some publicity for both the wiki and the book series, and if we're very lucky, maybe get a third book for the series. Iggyvolz 21:08, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

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